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In addition to ceramic and porcelain, Complete Tiling also instals mosaic and stone tiles as well as terracotta and pavers in areas such as your bathroom and outdoor patio, as well as all outdoor tiling work, kitchen splashbacks, floor tiling, and wall tiling both inside your home as well as outside.

Aside from the waterproofing of dry areas, waterproofing certificates are also provided.

All of the tiling is done in-house, with no outside help or subcontractors needed. For more information or a no-obligation quote, contact Handyman UAE Complete Tiling.

Tiling in a Bathroom
From bathroom tiling to complete renovation, we've got you covered.
If you need a complete bathroom renovation, we've worked with you to hand-pick a team that includes a licenced plumber, electrical contractor, and renderer. Alternatively, if you already have a team of tradespeople, feel free to utilise them.

A tiling contractor
It's critical to begin your Tiling project with the correct layout if you want a professional-looking result. Tile adhesives are available in a wide variety of strengths and types, and the right one will be selected based on your substrate and tile needs. Finally, the colour of the grout between the floor tiles will be selected by you.
The results of tiling your home floor with high-quality tiles will last much longer than those of any other type of flooring.

Licensed and experienced tile installer
If you start with a laser level, you can be sure that your bathroom tiling is level and that your lines are straight.

Because there are numerous types of tile adhesive available, the right one will be selected based on the type of substrate and tiles you intend to use. Finally, the colour of the grout used to seal the wall tiles will be selected by you.

Tilers in the kitchen
The ultimate finish for a lifetime is achieved by tiling your kitchen splashback or kitchen floor and using stain-free grout for the joints.

When it comes to kitchen surfaces, choosing wall and floor tiles that show less dirt and are easier to clean gives you an advantage over other options.

When it comes to waterproofing, one mistake can spell disaster for the entire project, costing a lot of money.

I make certain to use high-quality materials and to follow all waterproofing instructions exactly. There is a certificate of waterproofing available.

Tiled swimming pool
It's common for pool owners to experience issues with their tiles when they don't use the correct adhesive or don't transmit their tile expansion joints from the substrate to the tile surface without any interruption. If there is a gap between the tiles where they move, it needs to be filled with a flexible sealant. ​

We always strive to produce top-quality work.

Bedding Made of Cement
Using a laser level, you can make sure that your cement bedding is laid correctly and that any falls are at the proper level. To achieve the desired dry strength, the proper proportions of sand and cement are mixed together.

Sealing the Stone
To avoid permanent water, glue, and grout stains, make sure all stone is pre-sealed before laying and grouting. Good sealers are expensive, but they do the job. Sealers that are too cheap can be nasty, not do their job of protecting stone properly over time, and even turn yellow.

Grouting with Epoxy Adhesive
The best tiling can be ruined by shoddy grouting, as cheap grout tends to get dirty and stain easily. Epoxy grout will not stain, is easy to clean, and will look brand new after 10 years of use. Even though epoxy grout tiling is more expensive, it will last longer and look better than any other type of flooring.

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